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How Does Meiyu Deliver on Schedule?

Meiyu understands that it is critical that you get your product to the market first. We also understand that by the time you are ready to order your manufacturing equipment you are behind schedule. Meiyu takes your delivery requirements seriously. We will not accept a project unless we are sure that we can meet your product start-up requirements.

Delivery schedules come down to Planning. Meiyu performs intensive front-end planning of the entire project. We have developed excellent planning abilities over the 30 plus years in the machine building business.

To maintain schedules, Meiyu holds weekly internal project updates along with bi-weekly customer updates using written reporting and timeline charts. During the project Meiyu holds multiple review meetings with our customers at their facility to confirm our progress and confirm your approval.

To ensure that the equipment is ready to start producing when it hits your manufacturing floor, Meiyu performs internal pre-testing and formal testing at our factory. Once the equipment is delivered to your facility we perform formal testing again and followed up with training of your operators and technicians.

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